I’ve been using Evotech 1000 for 10 years and wouldn’t switch to any other liner, my customers love the texture and the protection it provides.  Thanks Hightech for your great product and service.                         R. J. 2022

“I began purchasing my floor coatings from Hightech in 2017.  I’ve been satisfied ever since with the quality of the products, the technical support but mostly the outstanding customer service.  They’ve gone above and beyond what other companies do to assist me.  Thanks for all your help….    ”                            J. C  2021

“Thanks Hightech for all the times you talked me through challenges on my projects. No matter what time of day or night, you took my calls, calmed me down and assisted me with correcting my mistakes.  Your support and quality products allowed me to feed my family.  Thanks so much …..  ”    C. L 2022

“Great Products, Great Service, Great Prices, Great Support…what else is there?  Thanks for all you do!”  T.J. 2021

“Most of my business comes from my local automotive dealerships, because of the great service that Hightech provides and the quality of their products, I am able to satisfy my customers needs.   I have seen no disruption of business given their change of location.  It is a pleasure doing business with them”.                                            B.L  2022

“I purchased a sprayliner machine from Hightech 10 years ago and combined it with my welding business. With regular maintenance I am able to load up my machine and take it with me to the job site as needed.  I couldn’t be happier with the quality of the material and the customer service they provide.  I wouldn’t think of buying from anyone else.              W.E. 2021

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