Every company says their products are the best and they have all the answers. Why should I believe you more than your competition?

Look at your existing products to check for pinholes, quality of adhesion, product consistency, and consider the customer service your receive. We do not have the mentality that 2 products will suit ALL projects, so we have worked to develop a product line that performs and provides you with options!!! Click here to read testimonials from our existing customers.

How do I set up my equipment to use the 1/4" mixing tubes?

These mixing tubes are compatible with many low pressure spray systems. The spray gun is ligther and easier to manuever, easier to clean, and the finished product has a much finer texture. The smaller inside diameter of the mixing tube provides a better mix because increased pressure in the tube forces both products together at a faster rate. Click here for information about mixing tube setup (note that some machine configurations may be different than what is shown). Our conversion kit makes it easy and you will not regret it!

How thick are your coatings?

The thicknesses of our coatings depend on the coating itself and the requirements of the application. Our data sheets have recommended thicknesses for each individual coating. The thicknesses are printed in mils (1 mil = 1/1,000 of an inch), so 125 mils is equal to 1/8th of an inch.

How much coverage do I get with a 5-gallon pail?

The coverage rates for our coatings depend on the following variables: applied thickness of the coating, porosity/unevenness of the substrate, and the percentage of solids in the coating. Our data sheets have approximate coverage rates for each individual coating.

Please feel free to contact us with further questions!

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