About Hightech Industrial Coatings

Hightech is owned by Dan and Christine Hightower, who began working in the img11polyurethane/polyurea coatings industry in 1996 as owners of a high pressure application business. Following that, they became a master distributor for low pressure equipment and material in the state of Texas and in southern California.


When we would contact a potential new applicator, we would tell them all the great things they could accomplish with their portable equipment and two products. Some of our applicators grew and began doing larger industrial jobs. We helped them become successful and get to a certain point, but we could not take them any further with the products and equipment we had at our disposal. This caused us to look beyond the constraints of limited equipment and only having access to two products.

After years of research and soliciting input from our applicators, we identified 10 img11different criteria our customers desired in a liner material. We used this information to develop a proprietary formula for a truly superior liner material but we didn't stop there. We decided to look for additional products so our applicators could access a full line of products that would allow them to grow without being constrained by a limited product line.

Our liner material is manufactured and packaged according to our standards. We buy our product by the truckload and cut no corners in the manufacturing process. In other words, we do not use fillers or cheap ingredients in order to increase our profit margins.