Mixing Tubes

Why do we use a 1/4" mixing tube? These are the top reasons our customers have made the switch:


  • Provides a better texture

  • Easier clean up that takes less time

  • Smaller diameter forces material to mix better

  • Eliminates air leaks and utilizes full output of the air source

  • Gun is smaller, lighter, and easier to manuever

  • Ability to spray further from the surface

We are not interested in selling complicated and expensive spray gun setups that require many components and a lot of maintenance. They are heavy and difficult to clean, and ease of use is what drove our development! After considerable testing, we have put together a setup which utilizes the highest standards in the low pressure spray equipment industry.

Our gun setup is compatible with the existing blowers on low img20pressure machines and also works with external compressors. We can provide an inexpensive conversion kit with all the fittings needed to switch to our mixing tubes. They are sold in packages of 25 and come assembled with the spray atomizer and nut already in place. When you are done spraying, simply slide off the push-to-connect and discard the whole tube! Change mixing tubes in less than a minute without having to waste time cleaning a metal spray tip. It saves you time and money while improving the look and quality of your liners. By eliminating air leaks and maximizing the output of your air source, our gun setup allows you to spray in a comfortable, upright position.

Give them a try to see the difference for yourself!

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