What our customers have to say…

“I have worked for 2 different truck accessory businesses spraying their bedliners. The last company I worked for went out of business due to poor management and not being able to meet the dealership demands for a finer texture to their liner that did not fade. We lost a lot of business because of fading and having a lumpy texture. When they closed their shop I got their equipment out of the dumpster and contacted Mr. Hightower. He helped me get the machine going again and has supplied me with his liner material.  I was able to pick up some of the business from local dealers. Thanks, Mr. Hightower”

-C.G., 2011

“I got into the liner business because of the many options I saw using low pressure equipment. I had met Dan when he was with another company, yet after buying their machine realized that their material was not suited to all projects. I’d lost touch with Dan but then found his card one day and gave him a call. He told me about his departure from the other company and shared information about his private label line, Hightech. I tried his products and could clearly tell a huge difference from the first time I sprayed it and much more color stable his product was. Dan has always been there when I needed help, he is super easy to work with and I love his new products.”

-J.W., 2012

“I have been doing business with Hightech for the last 9 years. I have always found them to be very responsive to any challenge we faced. We are on track to coat 700+ truckbeds this year (we’ve already surpassed 500)! When coating that kind of volume, I don’t have time to deal with problems. I have not replaced either a hose or pump since I switched to Dan’s product over 2 years ago. There is a significant difference in his product versus the one we previously used. I’ve noticed that it retains the black color longer. Before, we were having to buy more activator than resin because the activator would crust over in the tank. The new buckets that Hightech uses and their equipment design have kept us from having to do that. We no longer have to deal with clogged hoses, frozen pumps and crusty tanks. Due to not having to replace activator pumps and hoses and having less expensive material, we are saving 20% on our material costs and they provide excellent service. I’ve never been told  by Hightech “we’re out of material”. When I needed mix tubes, quick mask and other items they’ve always shipped it promptly or made arrangements to get it to me in the same day.”

-R.R., 2013

“We purchased one of the very first portable sprayliner machines offered, over 10 years ago. We’ve been doing business with Hightech and have been using their new liner material for 3 years. When Dan was with the other company we were constantly dealing with clogged hoses and having to replace pumps and seals. We sell a lot of trucks to the oil industry and they are very hard on their trucks. With the previous product, we were constantly doing repairs and top coating the liners to cover up the fade. Since switching to the new Hightech material we’ve experienced no problems. The color stays dark longer and our customers like the finer texture. No hours spent cleaning the gun anymore. The changes in our finished product has brought us new business . Thanks Dan."

-J.M., 2012

“I work for a large chain of dealerships with multiple locations in 3 different states. I work out of their main location in Texas. We have noticed that since switching to the new Hightech liner the material keeps its color longer, I’ve not experienced any blistering and it seems like we can spray more beds out of a set of material. Before when we were buying material through another company we were always having to replace seals, pumps and gun parts. Whenever I’d call with a problem Dan was there to help us out. We appreciate the time he takes to listen and the time he’s spent improving the process.”

-J. F.  2011

“I purchased a sprayliner machine from Hightech, Inc. several years ago and combined it with my soda blasting business. I sold that original machine due to constant problems with pumps, hoses and activator going bad. I purchased one of Dan’s HO (high output)  machines and have had no issues whatsoever, I continue to spray trucks but have also expanded into other areas such as foam insulation due to the versatility of this equipment. Before making the switch I could only dream about expanding my business. It is so nice to have the option of using different materials for different applications. I have been able to increase my customer base as well as my income. This new material, smaller mix tubes, disposable tips spray a much finer texture which my customers like. The material shows no signs of pin holing like the original product I started with years ago. It seems to stay black longer and wears better. I would highly recommend the Hightech line of products and equipment.”

-B.L., 2013